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Before Walking Down The Aisle.

When you purchase a brand new computer, it usually comes with an Operating System(Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, Linux, etc). Depending on the need and purpose of buying the computer, you get some application software(Spreadsheet, Word processor, Database, Graphics, etc) and install in it. The softwares installed runs your computer.

The human mind is like a computer. It runs on the the type of software that has been installed in it. Your mind was very empty when you came into this world. The people that brought you up installed the different softwares (character, moral values, cultural values, attitude, behaviour, beliefs and convictions) that are running in your life.

Adaora grew up in a polygamous home. Her father had too many wives and was a chronic womanizer. Her mother and step mothers were afraid of bringing maids to the house because any maid that comes to their house automatically becomes a wife few months later because the maid will become pregnant courtesy of her father. If her father is seen talking to another woman, the conclusion will be that he’s about to bring another wife home even when the man has no such intention. Wives were always suspecting each other as well as children. And the “suspicion software” was installed in her.

Adaora got married and there was this feeling of insecurity whenever she sees her spouse talking to another woman. She suspects every move her husband makes. History must not repeat itself, she is not ready to suffer the way her mother did. She went in search of solution on how to stop her husband from cheating. She was lucky to meet with a Family Life Counsellor who works with evidence based tools. Her husband is not a cheat. Adaora is the problem. The nation she emerged from almost ruined her new nation. Adaora got an intervention, and she’s now in a better place.

Again today, I tell you, seek to understand how your partner was raised. Understand the nation (the home where a person was nurtured) he/she is coming from. This will help you build your own nation.

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