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Deliberate Approach to Parenting.

I’ve been wondering why my children observe most basic table etiquette and manners except one. They talk while eating even when I always remind them not to talk when they are eating.

Few weeks ago, I asked them why it is difficult for them to obey a simple rule. “Why can’t you keep your mouth shut while eating”

And my son threw the bomb shell. “Mummy, but you and daddy talk while eating. So is it really bad to talk while eating?”

I was speechless. I have not been practicing what I preach. It’s not just about what I teach them with words. It is also about what I teach them with actions. We had a talk and resolved as a family to start all over again.

One of the best approach to parenting is ROLE MODELING. Model the kind of life you want your children to live. Action speaks louder than words. Children learn by example. They consciously or unconsciously mimic behaviour, attitudes and lifestyle of their parents and caregivers.

Are you a Role Model to your children? Will you be a fulfilled father or mother if your child grows up to live the kind of life you’re living presently.

It may be difficult for your teenage daughter/son to listen to your teaching on sexual immorality if he/she is aware of your unfaithfulness to his/her mother or father. Model good morals if you want them to learn good morals.

Model healthy self-esteem to raise confident children that will hold themselves in high regard.

Model empathy to raise a child who will respect and relate well with diverse personalities, and also have good service orientation.

Practice what you preach. They don’t just listen to what we say, they also watch what we do.

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