Beyond getting married is a course created to equip intending couples with the right mindset to build and enjoy successful marriage and family life.


Growing up as a child, I read many romance novels. So, I had high expectations which I wanted to see in my marriage. I would stay on my bed and memorize all the romantic lines from Mills and Boon. Then I got married and realised that most of these expectations were fiction. The mindset I had about marriage was far from what marriage actually is.

I realised that marriage is not a fairytale. It is likened to money that does not grow on trees but requires hard work to get. Successful marriages do not just happen; they require hard work.

The systems and principles that govern marital bliss can be learnt and mastered by anyone that is teachable. Every marital crisis is nothing but ignorance. There are no bad marriages, you only have 1 or 2 disempowered adults in a disempowered state.


  • This course will prepare you and help you to master the system that govern marriage so you can build a successful marriage.
  • As you prepare for a wedding reception that will last for just few hours, please make out time and prepare for marriage that will last forever.